Dollars & Sense

This public service campaign aims to make pocketbook issues a starting point for climate-friendly behavioral change. Rather than reminding people endlessly of the dangers of greenhouse gases, Big Buck reminds people of ways they could be saving money while doing right by the environment.

The campaign was produced collaboratively by design students of the University of Michigan - Flint. It has been deployed online and around the urban university.

 Download Big Buck's 10 point  plan


This online resource addresses the  "greenwashing" phenomenon that has become a craze in corporate marketing. It was developed as a collaborative student project by graduate students at New York's School of Visual Arts.

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Schedule a meeting in the ozone hole! As "Environmental Confab Software," Eco-Scope responds to the need for dialogue and organization relating to ecology and the environment.

Unlike conventional chat spaces, Eco-Scope frames every exchange in the context of ecological backdrops like global warming and ozone. It is a project of  Transnational Temps

 These chat rooms are eco-themed


Equal parts media critique and archive, this website tells the sobering story of environmental crisis.  It's where all the bad news goes when it disappears down the corporate medias memory hole.

FixNews is a project of Transnational Temps

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Eco-Image Makeover

This award-winning free image manipulation software addresses more than just pixels. Greening and cleaning the world with desktop software may dazzle consumers but it leads to environmental collapse.

Drawing equally from "pure" and from the Greek "pura" (πυρά), for funeral pyre, EcoPura invites an honest appraisal of greenwashing.

 Image manipulation for dummies