Keystone pipeline leaking more than admitted by operator

Apr 13 2016

TransCanada initially told regulators the April 2016 spill totaled about 187 gallons of oil.

TransCanada later admitted the Keystone pipeline has leaked about 16,800 gallons in South Dakota, a dramatic increase from initial estimates. That first media blast couldn’t possibly have been spin control happy talk, right?

Green Waste Mountains

Feb 23 2009

Waste Management, Inc. is known to most Americans by their diesel smoke-spewing trash trucks. But the company has been urging viewers of its greenwashing ads to “think green.” Here’s what PR Watch had to say about them:

“Waste Management, Inc. (WMI), the nation’s largest waste hauler, owns and operates at least 115 landfills nationwide. The company owns a part interest in many other dumps. At a time when it is univerally recognized that landfills pollute the environment, WMI is our most aggressive and committed landfiller. Many, if not all, WMI landfill sites seem likely to become superfund sites in the future.

The Human Element?

Jan 07 2008


The company that has sought to distance itself from Bhopal (whose tragic catastrophe it
assumed responsibility for when it bought Union Carbide) now insists that it is promoting
“the Human Element”. Link